About Us

SeWise Design was founded in 2015 by a husband and wife duo. We both are makers at heart and wanted to find an avenue to express our creativity. 

One night while consuming adult beverages, Kathleen was ordering fabric as she likes to sew. (I believe she actually just likes to collect fabric). During this evening I asked the question of "Why can't we make our own fabric?". That question sent us down a rabbit hole. 

Originally we started the business as a fabric design and import company. Learning the design tools and business, we had a blast but didn't scratch the itch we had hoped.

Over the next couple of years we moved houses and kids continued to grow. Finally we settled in a new home and decided to rekindle the business purchasing various tools that let us express that creativity. 

Kathleen is the designer and I am the maker. Between the two of us (And sometimes our kids) we spend our free time making. 

I hope you join us on our journey.

Thank You,